Rock Out and Relax at Radford Racing School


by David Hakim

Pushing a Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat around a curve at 120 as your body fights to stay upright in the driver’s seat is intense. Drifting a Charger SRT Widebody on a skid pad is like a 700-horsepower four-wheel amusement ride. Yanking the front wheels on a Challenger SRT Demon as it launches on a nine-second quarter-mile pass is like being shot out of a cannon. These high-octane thrills await the attendees of the Radford Racing School, the Official High Performance Driving School of Dodge//SRT. Located on the grounds of Wild Horse Pass near Chandler, Arizona, the Radford Racing School provides a variety of driving courses offering its attendees a once-in-a-lifetime experience behind the steering wheel of a high-horsepower machine.

When the sun goes down and the SRT Hellcats and Demons are in bed for the night or taking the day off, there’s still plenty to see and do outside of the Radford racecourse. For participants, especially those who brought friends and family, there are tons of great activities for everyone to enjoy. “Wild Horse Pass welcomes auto enthusiasts from around the world to our motorsports park, and now we’re seeing a steady increase of visitors as destination travel bounces back – in a big way! Car fans and followers bring along their family and friends because there’s something that appeals to everyone – from casino nightlife to horseback riding and more,” said David White, General Manager, Wild Horse Pass Development Authority. Here’s a quick rundown of the fun things you can do while attending the Radford Racing School that don’t require strapping into a Challenger SRT Hellcat, burning runner and running at wide open throttle.

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