Arizona Competitors Take up the Formula Woman Challenge

Radford Racing School Formula-Woman

Three Arizona-based competitors have applied for the international Formula Woman competition and will undertake their on-track assessment at Radford Racing School on Monday, November 22nd.

Launched to find the next female motor racing driver, Formula Woman is a motorsport initiative for women of all ages with little or no experience to have an assessment at their local racetrack.

On Monday, Blair, Marissa, and Sasha will undertake a karting, fitness, and written assessment with Radford Racing School chosen as the ideal host due to their professionalism and commitment to the competition.

Should either of them be successful, they will travel to the UK in 2022 for the final shootout in a bid to win a fully sponsored seat in next year’s GT Cup Championship.

Graeme Glew, Formula Woman founder, said: “The interest from around the world has been incredible, from Australia to Europe and South America to North America, the Formula Woman competition has been driven by social media as well as local media. It’s very clear that women in motorsport is here to challenge what has traditionally been a male dominated sport.”