Advanced Road Racing


Our Advanced Road Racing course is specifically designed for current racers and graduates of our Grand Prix Road Racing 3 and 4-day courses or other accredited racing school. Each course offers you personalized instruction, real-world race scenarios and nearly five hours of seat time per day.


Must have attended a Grand Prix Road Racing 4-day course within the last 12 months

(OR) attended a Performance Driving course equal to the 4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing course with a 3.5 or higher

(OR) a have a current SCCA, IMSA, FIA, NASCAR, NASA or PC competition license

(480) 403-7600

2 Day


Brief Classroom / Day Schedule
Skid Car
Point by Lead + Follow
Open Track & Ride + Drive with Instructor
Open Track & Ride + Drive with Instructor

3 Day


Brief Classroom / Day 1 Recap
Full Course Track Information
Point by Lead + Follow
Open Track / Ride + Drive with Instructor
Brief Classroom / Morning Recap
Open Track / Ride + Drive with Instructor
End of Day Brief


Course Policies

Insurance Policy – Radford Racing School offers vehicle and property damage limitation as an option to all students. The following optional limitation policies apply for Challenger Hellcat High Performance Driving:

  • $100 per day / $8000 deductible insurance now included with registration!

Refund Policy – When a refund is requested:

  • 60+ days from class start date: 25% Cancellation Fee
  • 31-59 days from class start date: 50% Cancellation Fee
  • Within 30 days of class start date: No refunds are given, although all applicable credits will remain on file to be applied to future programs and are transferable.

Rescheduling Policy – When a schedule change is requested:

  • 30+ days from class start date: No Cost
  • 15-29 days before class start date: $250 Fee
  • Within 14 days of class start date: $500 Fee

Note: Early departure from any course will result in a total forfeiture of the amount paid. Radford reserves the right to adjust or end training due to unsafe student behavior and/or abuse to equipment.

*A temporary $25 per day fuel charge is in effect for all courses.


You can see yourself behind the wheel, the heat shimmering off the track; you can hear the engine growling, revving, itching to go. But, you just have a few questions. That’s why we’re here. Send us your info and we’ll get you some answers.