Formula 4


Radford Racing School's Formula 4 racing program gives you the opportunity to train in a competitive, state-of-the-art, open wheel race car, the Ligier JS Formula 4. Equipped with a 2-litre Honda engine pushing out 160 bhp, The Ligier JS F4 was selected by the FIA and SCCA Pro Racing to be the exclusive model in the F4 U.S. Championship since 2016.

Introduction to F4

Our Intro-to-F4 Driving Program is designed for the enthusiast with no prior experience to learn and develop good car control skills while strapped into a modern open-wheel racecar. In this program, you will be taught vital Vision Skills, a working knowledge of Vehicle Dynamics, and also begin to develop good Skid Control. One of our most popular programs, this experience will make you want to come back for more!

1-Day: $3499
– Ground School
– Skid Control Drill
– Safety Gear Fitment
– Open-Wheel Car Control Basics
– Seat Introduction and Fitment
– Shifting Drill
– Braking and Handling Practice
– Lunch
– Lead-Follow Sessions on Track
– Debriefing Session
Please note: You cannot advance to Intermediate courses with only a 1-Day Intro course.

2-Day: $5199
– Ground School
– Handling Drill
– Track Introduction
– Lead-Follow Sessions
– Lunch
– Skid Control Drill
– Lead-Follow Sessions
– Debriefing Session and Graduation

Intermediate F4

The Intermediate F4 Program takes the Graduate of the Intro-to-F4 and expands on his or her skills. This is the next rung on the ladder of F4 Driver Development. With more time spent furthering the Driver’s Vision Skills, working on Skid Mitigation and Control, and more in-depth Line Technique training, the Driver is better prepared to drive the F4 at speed. 

1-Day: $3499
– Ground School
– Handling Drill
– Track Introduction
– Lead-Follow Sessions
– Lunch
– Skid Control Drill
– Lead-Follow Sessions
– Debriefing Session

2-Day: $6899
– Ground School
– Fit to Cars
– Track Recap/Lead-Follow Sessions
– Lunch
– Lead-Follow Sessions
– Open Track Session
– Debriefing Session and Graduation

Advanced F4

The Advanced Formula Racing Program is the highest level program in F4 Driver Development.  Designed for the Driver with prior racing experience, or Graduates of the Intermediate F4 or 4-Day Grand Prix programs, this program takes every driver to that next level.

With more 1-on-1 time with an experienced Instructor, the Driver gains an intimate feel for the performance level of the modern Formula Car. Available as a 1-, 2- or 3-Day class.

1-Day: $3999
2-Day: $6899
3-Day: $9999

Ligier JS F4

– 2016 F4 Specification carbon composite monocoque
– Anti-intrusion side panels
– Adjustable wings front and rear
– Width: 1750 mm / 69''
– Wheelbase: 2745 mm / 108''
– Weight: 570 kg / 1254 lbs

– Lightweight composite bodywork

– Double wishbone, front and rear
– Pushrod adjustable ride
– Adjustable anti-roll bars

– JRi 2-way adjustable dampers
– Coil over dampers

– Sadev 6-speed sequential
– Pneumatic paddle shift

– Rack and pinion steering
– Quick release steering wheel
– Height adjustable column
– Safety collapsible steering column

– Honda – 2,0-litre – 160 bhp (for the F4 U.S. Championship)

– FIA specification 6-point harness
– On-board fire suppression system
– Hand compatible headrest
– Nose box crash structure
– Rear attenuator
– Wheel tethers

– GEMS Performance Electronics
– LDS3R display
– PM3 electrical system
– FIA-specific data acquisition system

– 2-piston Brembo calipers
– Tilton adjustable pedal box for position
– Cockpit adjustable Brake


Height and weight restrictions apply. Generally, drivers must be under 6’4″ and/or under 250 lbs. with a shoe size less than 12.

Please contact our team at (480) 403-7600 for details.

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Course Policies

Refund Policy – When a refund is requested:

  • 60+ days from class start date: 25% Cancellation Fee
  • 31-59 days from class start date: 50% Cancellation Fee
  • Within 30 days of class start date: No refunds are given, although all applicable credits will remain on file to be applied to future programs and are transferable.

Rescheduling Policy – When a schedule change is requested:

  • 30+ days from class start date: No Cost
  • 15-29 days before class start date: $250 Fee
  • Within 14 days of class start date: $500 Fee

Note: Early departure from any course will result in a total forfeiture of the amount paid. Radford reserves the right to adjust or end training due to unsafe student behavior and/or abuse to equipment.

3-to-1 Student-Instructor Ratio (Avg)
Approximately 80% Seat Time
Ligier JS Formula 4
(480) 403-7600

*A temporary $25 per day fuel surcharge is in effect for all courses.