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Many different types of students enroll in our 3 and 4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing program. Beginner drivers to seasoned racers agree that this course – with our student ratio to instructor averaging 3 to 1 – proved to be one of the most valuable experiences of their lifetime. The class is demanding, the challenges real, and the concentration it takes to complete this course will be rewarding for every student. It can also put you on the fast track to earn your SCCA License, which will be determined by your Radford instructor.

Although beginners may enroll, you must be proficient with a manual transmission. Over 80% of the Grand Prix Road Racing course is spent on the skills pad and 1.6-mile track, while the remaining 20% is in-classroom. Since our student ratio to instructor averages 3 to 1, you are guaranteed a personalized instruction experience second to none.

All of this information will be put in practice on the track where an instructor will lead you, showing cornering techniques, early and late apex points (the racing line), and the quickest way around the track. They will ride with you and personally coach you through each turn. On your own, you will have the opportunity to go as fast as your new abilities will take you. There is no speed limit in road racing!

Day Three will put your racing knowledge to test. Real use of SCCA rules, racing etiquette, and racing flags are put into play. You will experience the adrenaline rush of being out on a track at speed while discovering a newfound respect for everyone who has competed in the motorsports arena.

The last day of the Grand Prix Road Racing course will hone your skills further. Proficient with the track and car control, you now start all over by jumping into a single seat, open wheel Ligier JS F4 Open Wheel Formula race car. The fourth day is all track time! Getting the Formula F4 race cars quickly up to speed, you’ll experience the thrill of driving these responsive, lightweight machines.

3-Day | $6499 (SCCA Permit)

– Concentration, Anticipation + Vision
– Weight Transfer
– Proper Line Technique (Entry, Apex + Exit)
– Throttle Steer
– Heel + Toe Downshifting
– Skid Control (Understeer & Oversteer)
– ABS and Non-ABS Braking Exercises
– Handling Oval
– Accident Avoidance
– Lead and Follow Sessions
– Flags, Passing Techniques, Driver Signals
– Open Track Sessions

4-Day | $7499 (SCCA Full Competition License)

– Ground School / Seating Intro
– Skid Control and Accident Avoidance Training
– Introduction to Ligier F4 / Car Fitting
– Lead + Follow / Open Track Sessions in Ligier F4
– Graduation


Height and weight restrictions apply. Generally, drivers must be under 6’4″ and/or under 250 lbs. with a shoe size less than 12.

Please contact our team at (480) 403-7600 for details.

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Course Policies

Insurance Policy – Radford Racing School offers vehicle and property damage limitation as an option to all students. The following optional limitation policies apply for Challenger Hellcat High Performance Driving:

  • $100 per day / $8000 deductible insurance now included with registration!

Refund Policy – When a refund is requested:

  • 60+ days from class start date: 25% Cancellation Fee
  • 31-59 days from class start date: 50% Cancellation Fee
  • Within 30 days of class start date: No refunds are given, although all applicable credits will remain on file to be applied to future programs and are transferable.

Rescheduling Policy – When a schedule change is requested:

  • 30+ days from class start date: No Cost
  • 15-29 days before class start date: $250 Fee
  • Within 14 days of class start date: $500 Fee

Note: Early departure from any course will result in a total forfeiture of the amount paid. Radford reserves the right to adjust or end training due to unsafe student behavior and/or abuse to equipment.

3-to-1 Student-Instructor Ratio
Approximately 80% Seat Time
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (Manual)
Ligier JS Formula 4
(480) 403-7600

*A temporary $25 per day fuel surcharge is in effect for all courses.