Private Instruction

Our Private Instruction puts you in the driver’s seat to create the ultimate driving or racing experience. Whether you schedule one-on-one time with an instructor, or reserve the track for a group – this program is limited only by your imagination. No matter what your age, experience, or skill level, we’ll custom tailor a program for the ultimate track experience!

From young adults learning car control, to professional racers and stunt drivers – people of all skill levels and backgrounds take advantage of our one-on-one coaching. Our Private Instruction program gives you the option to train in your personal vehicle or take advantage of our fleet of powerful performance Dodge SRT vehicles. Either way, you have the freedom to make your private instruction exactly what it needs to be.

At Radford Racing School we give you access to a world-class track, facility, equipment, fleet of performance Dodge SRT vehicles – and most importantly – the professional instruction you need to grow your skills and gain confidence behind the wheel.

All you need to provide is your imagination and ambition to be a better driver.

What is included with a private instruction program?

Everything can be included! If you dream it, we deliver it. There is literally no box, boundary or limitation when it comes to your Private Instruction.

We have everything you need – including equipment and vehicles – to customize a program that offers exactly what you want, for the number of people you want, for the amount of time you want.

Can I drive my vehicle on the track?

Yes. Any personal car including convertibles, trucks, and SUVs, is allowed on the track.

However, prior to driving your personal vehicle on the track it must pass our safety inspection. Our instructors and on-site mechanics will inspect the overall mechanical integrity of your vehicle, which includes tire pressure and tread, brake pads, wheel torque and fluids. Please note that if your car is leaking fluids, it will not be allowed on the track.

Your vehicle is not required to have racecar components (seat or harness, roll cage, fire extinguisher, tow hooks, kill switch, window nets, etc.) to drive on the track.

Is a drivers license required?

No. We are on a closed track facility, which means drivers (including youth without a driver’s license) can participate in supervised driver training exercises. In fact, private Instruction is the perfect way to give new drivers the chance to become familiar with their vehicle, and gain confidence in various driving situations.

Is classroom time included?

Some classroom time is always beneficial. However, the amount of classroom time you need depends on your objectives and skill level.

Young drivers, for example, can benefit from classroom time when they can become more familiar with driving fundamentals, as well as learn more about the track layout and etiquette.

Classroom time is also a great way for more experienced drivers to review their progress and talk candidly with the instructors about their strengths and weaknesses.

Can I focus on specific skills or driving/racing technique?

Yes. If you’re interested in specific driving techniques like car control, weight transfer, braking/acceleration, we can focus specifically on what you need. Or, if you’re interested in a specific type of driving, like drag racing, stunt driving, performance driving or off-road handling, we can accommodate them all.

Can I drive the Ligier F4 cars?

The Ligier F4 race cars are available for Private Instruction. However, if you have no experience behind the wheel of an open wheel race car, your Private Instruction program will require additional training.

Are go karts available?

Yes. Our gas-powered go karts are the perfect way to fine tune your driving and racing skills. In fact, many of the best professional Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers got their start in karting. Our fleet of go karts can be your only focus, or combined with training in our Dodge//SRT performance vehicles, or your personal vehicle.

Can my private instruction program be confidential?

Yes. If you would like to schedule a confidential training session with our instructors or visit to our track, we will be more than happy to accommodate your schedule and discretion.

We have trained countless high profile individuals from across the business, entertainment, and sports industries – as well as government secret operations, who just want to be trained – or have access to our track – in private.

How much does private instruction cost?

It’s impossible to give you a cost for Private Instruction until we understand your goals. Call (480) 403-7600 or email us at to start the conversation.

We honestly can’t wait to hear what you have in mind!

(480) 403-7600